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Chidlren of Darkness and Anarchy

The Asuras, A Poem

The Nightmare has arrived, and it said

I am helpless against these wretched souls

Who have lost their purity, piety and innocence.

They have no fear of sin, nor hell nor suffering.

They do not repent nor relent in their wickedness.

Nothing strikes fear in their angry hearts.

They are hardened by the blows of life and

The relentless din of the world that never

Deserts them even in their shallow sleep.

They are afraid of nothing, but full of hope

That the things they pursue will be their

Eternal salvation, and what they secure

Now will secure their lives forever.

Children of the darkness, unloved and overwhelmed

By the deepest fears of life and the cries of

Their own vain desires and restless ambition

The words of God no more soothe them.

They have learned to use the light of the scriptures

And the names of God to hide their evil deep within.