About Jayaram V


Born in India, in the southern State of Andhra Pradesh in Cuddapah District in a well educated family. Spent his childhood at various places in Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Madhya Pradesh. Imbibed good values from parents, grandparents and teachers, who were simple people, hard working, loving, caring, well-educated and strict in enforcing discipline and values. Completed graduation and postgraduation with merit in biological science at the early age of 20 years. Joined the New India Assurance in the management cadre and worked for 20 years in various positions. Worked in three countries namely India, Nigeria and USA and had an opportunity to observe life in its various hues and from different perspectives. Holds a graduate degree in Information Technology from USA, and several diplomas and certifications. Currently leads an obscure and secluded life in USA and writes regularly on various topics of interest.


Written at least 3000 articles on Hinduism, Buddhism, Hindu philosophy, Yoga, Buddhism, Buddhist Philosophy, Jainism, Jain Philosophy, Zoroastrianism and Zoroastrian philosophy, apart from hundreds of articles on self-improvement, spirituality and transformational wisdom. Also written several books including the Bhagavadgita Complete Translation, Translation of Selected Upanishads, Translations of Chandogya and Brihadaranyaka Upanishads, Introduction to Hinduism, Awakened Life, Brahman, Essays on the Bhagavadgita, Translation of Shiva Sutras, Think Success and Being the Best. His writings are referenced in academic studies and research work.


Contributed, with humility and without attracting attention, to the field of Indian religions, philosophy and spiritual practice. Founded Hinduwebsite.com in 2000 to counter the negative propaganda against Indian religions and provide authentic information about them to the people who seek information on the Internet. Inspired by the vision of Swami Vivekananda, increased the global reach of Hinduism and related religions, bringing to light the hidden knowledge of the ancient dharmas for the general public. So far about 100 million people from all over the world visited the website. It still attracts millions of visitors each year, and ranks high in Google searches. It is funded and maintained entirely by the founder without any outside assistance. Jayaram also founded saivism.net, allsaivism.com, hinduismlive.com, etc. Jayaram’s work is appreciated by many people in the world through emails and social media.


Jayaram does not believe in religious bigotry or narrow-minded approaches to religious practice or studies. People must have the freedom to choose their faith according to their personal needs and preferences because the choice of religion is a purely personal matter. There are no universally good or bad religions. Fanaticism is an excessive attachment to one's faith and a form of delusion and diversion for the soul. Each religion has a few divine components and a few purely human components, which are largely human inventions shaped by human egos for secular or worldly ends or to assert authority or instill fear and submission. It is up to people to choose what is good for them and their salvation. All religions are vulnerable to corruption and degradation due to the vulnerabilities of human mind. Hence, it is the duty of wise people to protect and preserve their respective faiths and core values and doctrines. Each religion has a spiritual core, which is pure and ancient but overshadowed by its popular base where much of the dilution and corruption happens. Religions will thrive as long as their spiritual core is protected and guarded by their philosopher guardians and spiritual practitioners. Jayaram is engaged in this effort to preserve the purity of India’s santana dharmas.

Spiritual background

Went through numerous spiritual experiences at the age of 22, after the completion of his post graduation. They were spontaneous and from out of the blue. They lasted for several months, during which he kept seeing visions of numerous deities, golden Buddhas, Ganeshas, celestial beings and ancient teachers in the subtle realms, past lives and visions of past and future. Since it was proving too much for the unprepared novice, he sought guidance from spiritual people including a Sufi saint, who spent 14 years in total silence and dissolved himself in the oneness of God. The saint advised him to return to normal life and refocus upon his worldly goals, promising to ensure him a blessed life. Although he followed the saint’s advice and turned his attention to worldly matters, his interest in the deeper aspects of life remained intact and he kept learning and progressing inwardly. The saint showed him that spirituality had no religion and in the end, we all entered the same pure consciousness.

Contributing Websites

Jayaram is prolific writer. He writes regularly and publishes his work on various websites. His writings can be found at the following websites