About Jayaram V

Jayaram V is a leading author in a diverse range of subjects from eastern religions, yoga, spirituality, philosophy, human psychology, science and self-development. His writings reflect his composite personality and diverse knowledge. He is also a motivational writer and speaker and has written hundred of articles on these subjects. He has proficiency in various branches of knowledge, including science, business management and information technology. His knowledge stems from his academic background, personal and professional experience, self-study and observation.

Through his writings, he provides rare insights into the nature of reality, human personality, yoga, consciousness and mystic symbolism. He also writes about self-development and human behavior, combining the transformational wisdom hidden in ancient scriptures with recent researches on human psychology and consciousness. Apart from writing, Jayaram has proficiency in web design and development and personally managed many IT projects ecommerce websites and businesses.

Jayaram has written hundreds of articles on various subjects, including yoga and self-help, and authored several books, which include Brahman, an Introduction to Hinduism, the Bhagavadgita Complete Translations and the Awakened Life. Since 2000, he has been actively engaged in spreading awareness about spiritual and moral duty. He is the Founder President of Hinduwebsite LLC, a cultural organization, which is engaged in philanthropy and religious service. Jayaram V can be contacted at with this link.

Jayaram is not a dry theoretician. He had an inner awakening at the age of 22 and went through several spiritual experiences. He is primarily a seeker of knowledge with interest in diverse fields who considers himself a student of life, always in a learning and exploring mode and drawn to the deeper aspects of our existence. He also led a very successful life. For over two decades, he worked in the general insurance industry in various capacities, in three continents. In 2000, while still working, he began writing about the  matters that interested him most and sharing his knowledge. Currently, he lives in USA and prefers to avoid public attention, spending most of his time writing or working on his projects or helping others with his knowledge and guidance.


Quantum Reality in Daily Life

Modern research in quantum physics revealed many truths about the nature of existence, causality, probability and reality. Some of them are relevant to our lives since they give us an incredible perspective on the world and ourselves and help us dispel long standing irrational beliefs. In the following discussion we will focus upon a few principles and discoveries of quantum physics which can be applied to our lives to improve our thinking and attitude towards our current notions of reality, life and existence. More

Why People Worship Film Stars?

Admiration for an ideal person, a role model or a celebrity goes by such names as hero worship, idol worship and celebrity worship. There is nothing wrong to admire successful people, who exemplify the best of their talents and virtues. People can learn from their success or look to them for inspiration. However, problems arise when the admiration becomes excessive, obsessive or abnormal. Obsession or infatuation with celebrities is a major social and psychological problem in many countries, especially among the youth. More

A Lesson in the Art of Appreciation

Some people have all the qualities of becoming successful, such as good education, intelligence, having goals, focus, energy and enthusiasm. Yet they suffer from self-limiting beliefs and doubts, which prevent them from using their full potential and experiencing fulfillment. More

Downloading Mind Into a Computer

Imagination is one of the greatest gifts of Nature to humanity. Imagination precedes all our inventions and discoveries...It still plays a vital role in empowering us and enabling us to overcome our difficulties and limitations in conquering Nature and finding solutions for our survival and wellbeing. More