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Jayaram published hundreds of essays on various topics. The following is a list of important essays, which are currently available on the Internet

The Nature of Consciousness

Consciousness is the sum of thoughts, memories, desires, feelings, ideas, and opinions arising from perception, experience, imagination, reason, or belief. This definition may not be scientific and may not cover all aspects of consciousness, but it is sufficient for our discussion.Consciousness has both general and specific aspects. The general aspects are found in all humans, but there are some aspects that are specific to each individual. Based upon the common aspects, you can draw valid conclusions about personality, behavior and human psychology. Such knowledge is useful to understand others and deal with them. More

Dealing with Unnecessary Suffering

Suffering is inherent in life. Who does not suffer? Even when you are happy, a part of you may still be suffering subconsciously. The seers of ancient India knew it. It formed the core of many ascetic traditions of the subcontinent, who suggested different solutions and approaches to the problem of suffering. The Buddha echoed the same sentiment when he declared that birth was suffering. More

The Mathematical Basis of Life

In the history of the world, the Samkhya School was probably the first school of philosophy to propose a mathematical model of the universe in which Nature functioned as an automaton to manifest diversity and different realities. Samkhya means numbers, and the Samkhya philosophy is about the number of realities (tattvas) that are present in existence. It identifies the individual soul as a universal constant and Nature as a variable phenomenon with a number of causes and effects latently present in it. It also proposes that Nature produces nothing new. Whatever that needs to be manifested is already present in it as effects hidden in their causes. More

Truth According to Hinduism

Truth has a great significance in Hinduism, as an aspect of Brahman, a characteristic of existence, the support of creation, a quality of gods, moral virtue, philosophical concept, spiritual practice, instruction, and the personification of Dharma (Law) and Rta (Order). Truth is divinity itself. Brahman is Truth personified. Devotees worship Lord Vishnu as Satyanarayana, the Lord of Truth. Shiva is pure (shivam), free from the impurities (malas) of egoism, attachments, and delusion. Hence, he is a Truth Being and eternally pure (Sada Shiva). Brahma's creative power arises from the purity of his consciousness, chastity and austerity. Hence, the Prasna Upanishad (1.15) declares that Truth is established in Brahma, besides austerity and chastity. More

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Existence and Non Existence

You know that you exist, but for those who do not know you, who have never met you, you do not exist. There was a time when the two American contnents did not exist for the world. There was also a time when the earth itself did not exist. At least 60% of the people in the world today were non-existent just a few decades ago and a vast majority of them will be non-existent again after a few decades. Life is a short drama between the two vanishing points of existence and non-existence. More

The Higher Purpose of Your Life

Nature is a self-supporting mechanism in which its different components are programmed to further themselves and in the process help each other in their survival. Even in the midst of struggle for survival, the impulse to preserve and sustain life upon earth through collective effort is inbuilt in the living embodiments of Nature. More

The Psychology of Happiness

Happiness is a state of mind. You are familiar with it. You know what it means. You also know from experience how to make you or others happy in your own unique ways. Life teaches us many lessons and from them we learn the many possibilities by which we can minimize our sorrows and maximize our happiness and fulfillment. The More

Teaching on Right Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the complete awareness of all the movements that happen within oneself and outside of oneself. It is becoming aware of the present moment happenings in one's body, mind and consciousness and in the world outside. Now, as to what is right mindfulness, we have several explanations but their essence is the same: to be mindfully aware without being attached or judgmental. More

Life’s Lessons from Mother Nature

In Hinduism, Nature (Prakriti) is known as the Mother Goddess. Energy or Force (Shakti) is her essential nature. She is the source of all movements and modifications. Prakriti means that which is found in its natural state. Whatever is modified is no more Prakriti, but Vikriti, the deformed one. Nature has numerous aspects. She is also worshipped as the goddess of learning (Saraswathi), the goddess of material abundance (Lakshmi) and the goddess of spiritual energy (Parvathi). More