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Brahman in Vedic Tradition

Basic Concepts of Saivism

What is True Surrender?

Is the World An Illusion?

Awakening to the Silence

What is Your Natural State of Mind?

Healing Compassion

If Peace Is All You Want

The Importance of Sorrow

Citta in Ashtanga Yoga

Witnessing Self

Psychedelic Drugs and Spirituality

Let me begin with a confession. I have never taken any recreational or psychedelic drug in my whole life or used any plant or chemical substances to stimulate my mind. Not even once. I am often driven by curiosity to know things, but in this case, I decided to trust my self-preservation instinct rather than experiment with truth. Therefore, certainly I am not an authority on this subject. However, I am conversant with the subject and the issues and problems associated with it. I will speak from that perspective. More

Love at First Sight

There are many psychological theories and explanations about love at first sight and first impressions, but without conclusive proof. According to one opinion reactions such as love at first sight are surface impressions. Those feelings may not survive, unless they are reinforced and become deep and intense, which again depends upon many factors. More

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Me, Myself and Maya

Advaita is difficult to understand, not because it is a complicated philosophy. To know it with some clarity, you need a paradigm shift in your thinking and perspective. More

How to Spot a Liar?

Deception is a natural, survival strategy which is common to both humans and animals. You cannot stop people from lying and you yourself may have to lie occasionally to avoid trouble with others. Still, it is important to know when people lie. More