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The Impact of Religions

These questions have become relevant only in recent times as people realized that the world's major religions are not so perfect and contain erroneous information about Nature, the world and the universe. Therefore, certain criticism and skepticism about them are valid. However, they cannot be completely discarded because... More

What Language Buddha Spoke?

In ancient India, Sanskrit was the official language of the elite. Educated people and scholars had to learn Sanskrit, since it was the language in which the religious literature of the times was composed. Besides Sanskrit, people of ancient India spoke in many other languages. They were collectively called Prakrit. Sanskrit represented the civilized language, while Prakrit its opposite. More

Forgiveness in Daily Life

By forgiveness we mean having a change of attitude and feelings towards others by voluntarily letting go of negative emotions and past grudges against them. Usually, it involves showing empathy, compassion, pity and understanding for the actions or the behavior that led to them. Forgiveness is not ignoring, avoiding or forgetting, but a change a heart or a shift in thinking and attitude towards the perceived wrongdoer or the wrongdoing. The cause may be real or imaginary or even irrational. More