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An Auspicious Prayer to the Vedic Gods


Salutations to the highest, the best and the most auspicious.

May the gods bring good tidings from all directions.

May my speech be purified by the august power of Brahman.

May my breath be filled with vigor at the command of Vayu.

May the guardians of all directions be agreeable to me always.

May the children of Aditi bless me and take me into their protection.

May Indra, the lord of the heaven, stabilize my mind and senses.

May Agni burn the fires in me and cleanse my mind and body.

May Soma lead me into subtle worlds and manifest wondrous visions.

May Brihaspati reveal the divine knowledge hidden from us.

May the gods in me rest in their spheres with joy and peace.

May they accept my offerings and sanctify my actions with joy.

May they share my pleasures, breaths and happiness as my Self.

May the goddess of learning awaken my insight and intelligence.

May Lakshmi, the most beautiful goddess, bring her treasures.

May Brahma open my mind to the truth hidden in the Sun.

May the ever-pleasant Vishnu preserve my health and wellbeing.

May Shiva, the most auspicious, teach me knowledge and wisdom.

May the omniscient Purusha, the inner Lord, protect me from myself.

May Varuna, the ever watchful, be kind to me and forgive my sins.

May Pusan, the earthy god, make my paths auspicious and safe.

May all the gods of heaven manifest the best and the purest in me.

May they bring good thoughts from above, below and everywhere.

May there be peace in me, peace above and peace all around.