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The Idolaters And The Idol Breakers

They say God is everywhere

And that I am their Lord. But

They do not see me everywhere.

They may break my idols,

They have been doing that

Since time I laid down the law.

In the land I was born and in

The lands beyond where my words spread.

But can they erase my image

From your hearts, my true place?

Can they take me out of your memory

That has been enriched by my thoughts?

Did I ever preach you to carve my shapes?

Did I ever stop who did it out of love?

Innumerable they are, every where you

See my forms in the plants and flowers,

In the rivers, in the earth, in the heavens,

The stars and the worlds, you may never know.

The worlds and the distant lands which

They can never fathom, try they may.

Can they ever destroy that which cannot be?

Can they destroy that which they cannot see?

Can they destroy that which they cannot touch?

Can they destroy that which abides in them?

I am knowledge, I am ignorance,

I am everything you want (me) to be and

Also that which you do not want (me)

To be as you come nearer to me.

Believe me, these idol haters love

Me so much that they do not want me

To be just a rock in the mountains.