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Come Sit With Us...

Come, curious seekers of Truth

Who have crossed the oceans and

Arrived here to find the divine Healer.

Come, sit with us on this sacred earth

Around the blazing fire that we have lit

To sacrifice eternal knowledge we learned.

Come, sing with us the ancient hymns with

Speech purified as our solemn offering,

Which the generous gods are eager to listen.

Come, let us sing together with unified voice

The sacred hymns heard in the subtle planes,

That illuminate our minds and hearts and

The deities who are active in their spheres.

Come, let us invite with fervent prayers

The eternal light of the highest heaven,

The everlasting love of our mightiest gods

The sanctifying wisdom of the divine healers,

And the blessings of our ancient masters.

Come let us pray in unison so that we may

Have the wisdom to make our paths brighter

And our daily offerings pure and auspicious.