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Reply to a Racist and a Religious Bigot From Australia

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Someone from Iona College, Brisbane, Australia, an independent Catholic Boys School, owned and administered by the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, sent me this hate mail, "I am racist and I hate you, how does this make you feel?" Here is my reply, “I feel sad because you study in a religious school and learn only racism and hatred. I feel sad because you do not have respect for the very religion and its values. I feel sad because you who live in Australia hate someone who lives in the US and never met you or harmed you or intend to harm you. Where has gone your humanity? I have never met Jesus, but I have a good knowledge of his teachings. I know my beliefs and values agree a lot more with his teachings than yours. Although I am a Hindu, I secured the love of a Muslim Sufi saint who promised to look after me and take care of me even after he left from here. He never asked me to change my religion or my beliefs. I could feel his love over flowing and touching everyone who came his way. Although I am a devout Hindu, I studied all religions to overcome my own prejudices. I have a picture of Mary and Jesus on my desk, as a reminder to me every day that I have to treat all religions with respect. I know Jesus will be sad too for his sheep have gone astray into the wilderness where he was once troubled by the dark shadows. He will be sad because some of his followers are becoming the very people who tortured him and then crucified him. My dear, with hatred in your heart, you will not be allowed to cross the bridge of doubt and enter the gates of heaven. You have to resolve that delusion of hatred here upon earth, if you want to travel by the sunlit path to the world of immortals.