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Reinterpretation of the Samkhya Philosophy

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Life is a combination of these three: random events, mechanical processes and intelligent actions. Probably the random events are also mechanical processes; but at this stage we do not have the knowledge to know as such. Because we are made to be unpredictable, we can interfere with the design of the universe and change it with our intelligence. We are the “if and when” of the universe. The rest is all designed to be automatic and mechanical. Matter becomes intelligent consciousness through transformation (parinamam) of the energy components. Then it takes over the leadership of the world and things and becomes accountable and responsible for its actions resulting in bondage and rebirth. To escape from it we need a still higher intelligence that is not subject to Nature. Samkhya says intelligence preexists eternally in the form of individual souls. Our intelligence arising from Nature is their reflection only. This intelligence helps us to be free from all events, both random and intelligent and takes us back to our original state, which we call liberation. This is a somewhat reinterpreted modern account of the ancient Samkhya.

May be at a later stage we may add more complexity to our lives by creating artificial intelligence, which may interfere with the mechanical processes as well as our intelligent actions, resulting in more uncertainty chaos and confusion. It looks like artificial intelligence is the next level of evolution waiting to happen here upon earth. Since Nature is an automated mechanical force, it is possible to imitate it and recreate the same effects it produces naturally. If that happens, we may unleash forces beyond our control and set in motion a chain of events, which may culminate in our loss of leadership and further bio-diversity. What we are now doing to Nature may then happen to us. We are the Frankenstein monsters of Nature (I.A.M. 1.0) and we are on the threshold of creating newer versions of this intelligence, which is part creative and part destructive, part divine and part demonic. (* I.A.M is my acronym for Intelligent Animal Man who will then create I.A.M. 1.0 that is Intelligent Artificial Man)