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The Path to Nirvana, Liberation

God is the source of all

Things, here and hereafter.

Hence, express gratitude for

All the blessings in life.

God is the omnipresent and

All-pervading eternal truth.

Hence, see him within yourself,

In others and all things.

God is the moving force in

Ill actions, known and unknown

Hence, offer him your actions

Aas a sacrifice with devotion.

The eternal, indestructible and

Infinite Self is hidden in you.

Hence, strive to know the Self

In you to become one with it.

God resides in all beings,

High and low as their very Selves.

Hence, practice compassion

And friendliness to all beings.

You are a bound soul caught in

The illusions of the mortal world.

Hence, contemplate upon God

And Self to become truly free.

You create your suffering by

Your actions and your bondage.

Hence, learn to live responsibly

With liberation as your final goal.

Gods need your help, and you

Need theirs for peace and happiness.

Hence, nourish the gods with

Love, living your life as a sacrifice.