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The Dream and Despair of a Yogi

What happened to these bright rays of pure light

and radiant worlds I once saw by chance in the womb

of my dreams built with fragments of the golden forest?

Alas, they have become a distant memory, a lost world!

What do I see now as those memories have faded away and

The reality of the unrelenting here and now has arrived?

A nightmare of despair feasting on my thoughts.

In the darkness of the hidden worlds, all that I see are

twisted and demented creatures worshipping themselves

enslaved to false promises and their own insatiable thirst.

Time has eaten away their loving hearts and bright cheer.

Greed has gnawed deep into their dark and hardened veins

leaving them angry, heartless and bereft of hope, filled

with vain desires, demonic resolve and endless agony.

Go away, you corrupt souls of a once radiant land who used

to dawn upon the worlds and fill them with golden light.

Now imprisoned in the dark caverns of your own hearts,

be prepared for those sunless worlds that are yet to come

where your cries will be lost in the roar of the hells and

the clamor of your longing for that freedom you walked past.