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The Mystery of Life and Death

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Imagine you are traveling in a spaceship at the speed of light. Day by day you are moving towards a giant black hole, which is twenty light years away. In retrospect you remember that your journey began few years ago out of nowhere. You did not ask for it. You were asked by the supreme commander of the league of nations to undertake the journey, without giving you any choice or time to think.

It was made clear to you from the time you entered the ship that you had no chance of leaving the ship or avoiding the journey unless you decided to die on your own. You were also not given any power to stop the spaceship or turn it back because all controls are locked. You have no clue who controls them, and why and what purpose you serve in the whole journey.

What you know is that you are on autopilot and you have some freedom to make decisions about how you choose to live in the limited space. With a sigh you stare into the mysterious void in front of you, knowing that you are trapped in the spaceship, which is hurtling itself towards the doom and you can either make the most of it or keep yourself engaged in numerous distractions to forget the tragedy that your life is.

What will you do?

You may feel surprised if I tell you that you are already on such a journey. Right now you are travelling in a spaceship towards the black hole. In fact, it has been going on in your life ever since you were born. Your body is the spaceship. You are trapped in it as its lone traveler. You have no escape. The black hole is Death, the destination of all travelers in the journey of life. You are a few years or decades away from it. You cannot avoid it, nor can you escape from it. It is certain that at some point in future you will enter that black hole.

No one knows what happens there. You do not know whether you exist or cease to exist. The same is true with black holes. Scientists do not clearly know what happens when one enters a black hole. Does anyone survive? Does one enter timelessness or eternity ora new dimension, which is unknown and vastly beyond our knowledge and comprehension? Right now, we have no answers to these questions.

When you set aside your religious beliefs and pay attention to the universe and its mysterious phenomena, life seems to be a purposeless journey. Still, it is a miracle that we all want to make sense of it, find purpose in it and manage to live without losing hope and zest for life. It is a miracle and a blessing that we do our best to survive against odds in a seemingly meaningless and purposeless existence.