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Whether it is on a sidewalk, in a desert or on Mars, the effect of wind on a granular surface is always the same.

Learning From Nature Through Simple Observation

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Nature is a set of causes, which are bound to rules, procedures, formulas and principles, which are already inherent in it. They are universal, consistent and verifiable. Hence, much of what happens in Nature is predictable and repeatable. The Samkhya School of Hinduism rightly states that the effects of existence are already hidden in their causes and manifest when their time is due, or when favorable circumstances present themselves. Dharma, Karma and Rita, which ensure the order and regularity of the universe, arise from this structured and programmed aspect of Nature only.

Nature is preprogrammed. She is an automaton, a gigantic intelligent system, which imparts some predictability and certainty to an otherwise unpredictable and uncertain life. What disrupts that predictability is our own indiscipline in the choices we make and the actions we perform out of desires and attachments. Discipline brings predictability. The lack of it leads to chaos. The Asuras lack discipline. Hence, they are masters of chaos. It is the gods who ensure the order and regularity of the world.

This is what we learn from Hinduism. If you perform certain actions, you will reap certain consequences. If you uphold dharma, dharma will protect you by ensuring the order and regularity of your life, your family and the world. If you want to experience peace and happiness, take responsibility for your life, do your duties, meet your obligations and respect the laws that govern your life. Through such simple observations you can learn from the hidden mechanism of Nature, know about causes and effects, and accordingly make your choices with intelligence and discernment.

These are the simple ideas that form the basis of Hindu theology, ethics and belief system. The same observations with regard to cause and effect form the backbone of modern science, scientific methods, theorems, hypotheses, research and investigation. Everything about the world and the universe can be learned through observation, understanding, and analysis and the knowledge so gained can be used to secure your life to live in peace and harmony.