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Killing Elephants and Wildlife

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No planet in the solar system has the potential to sustain life in a natural habitat. Yet we keep destroying all wildlife indiscriminately. In the next fifty years we are going to wipe out most of marine life, and many birds and animals that are going to become extinct forever. However, it seems many people are not troubled by any of it. Some of them are still debating whether they have God given right to kill and eat animals. A politician takes a gun and shoots a moose for a television program. The children of a business tycoon go to Africa, hunt an elephant and take photographs holding its tail. Is there any manliness in killing captive animals? If these paper heroes want to have excitement they should face a lion, bear, or tiger with bear hands and fight it. The king of a country in Europe goes on a wild hunting party to kill a she elephant, a mother to a baby elephant. Newspapers have published photograph of its baby weeping for her mother. The news said that she kept weeping for her mother for five hours. Are we really that stupid? Don't we have hearts? How can a king, an old man, ready to die in a few years, who should live in gratitude for being born a king with no responsibilities, has the heart to kill an elephant, which is mother to a baby elephant? How can he feel manly about his dastardly act? What is happening to this world? Why are we letting such cruel people have their way in business, society and politics?