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Information in Today's World

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In this age, information is power. Those who control the flow of information control the world. And it usually rests with those who have the money to buy and sell influence as news, publicity and entertainment. Some companies have minted money by doing it before others even realized it. Some are trying to catch up with them or know their secrets with crooked means by hacking, etc. Expect the competition to intensify in the coming years and each country clamoring for its own internet rather than global internet. As time passes by, laws will be introduced to monitor social messaging, and restrictions will be placed upon people to access websites that are situated outside their countries. It will happen first in totalitarian states and feudalistic democracies who do not want people to know too much or have too much freedom. For the common people in most parts of the world freedom will remain an illusion. They will have the freedom to do and to live according to the limits set by those who control their lives.

The information age has not made people informed or set them free. It has turned them into a global market that can be programmed and influenced to watch certain movies, buy certain products, and support certain values and ideologies that will sustain and extend the same culture. Since human beings as groups have the tendency to make worst choices as we have seen in the past under the impression that such choices are always about someone else, the situation is not going to improve anytime soon.