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Are We Truly Living in an Information age?

A Blog Post

We call our age information age. However, let us think about it honestly. Undoubtedly, today we have access to a lot of information. Within minutes, you can find any information you want. Each day, billions of words are written and posted on the social networks, websites and message forums, and millions of videos and images are uploaded. However, with all that information at our fingertips, are we becoming any better and more intelligent? To me it appears that most of the information an average reader scans during the day is of very inferior quality. It is generally about who killed who, who said what, or who slept with whom. It is as if most of us are in deep sleep, and unless there is a huge explosion like noise, no one will wakes up and look around. People are not looking for information but entertainment, love, sex, chat buddies, and companionship. A lot of youngsters in every part of the world do not know who their rulers are, where important historic sites are located, what happened to their countries in the past, or how they can improve their lives. Many students cannot even spell basic words correctly or construct complex sentences properly, and much of it goes unnoticed because we have spelling and grammar checking software. When you see people who cannot answer simple questions about their religion, history, literature, region, society, or their leaders, one cannot but begin to wonder whether this much collective ignorance is a new trend peculiar to our times or whether all the technology and information that we have built are just putting new light and focus upon the hidden truths of the humanity and their numerous weaknesses and self-destructive tendencies.