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Kalki, A Prophetic Vision of Coming Incarnation

And the goddess appeared and said, "Be prepared,

O sleeping children of God's shattered dream.

The coming incarnation of God will be a Great Master

of Knowledge, infused with the golden dust of dreams.

He will roll the universe as if it were a parchment, and

drink from the cup of Time as if he invented miracles.

Riding on the back of star powered winds he will take

you on an infinite cosmic journey into the mysteries

of the universe which none has ever seen or heard.

He is being forged by the wondrous gods of antiquity

in the secret cave of the universe. His time is yet to come.

But when he arrives on the placid plains of the verdant earth,

with the sword of love and a gaze filled with the brilliance of

myriad suns, remember it will not be to destroy this world,

but to recreate it anew in the vision of God. He will come

with the body of a human as his shining robe but with pure

intelligence, which will be forever his gift for the rest to follow.

Master of the Self and Lord of the universe, with pure

conscoiusness woven into the fabric of soul, pulsating with life,

he will soak the world with his golden aura and cleanse it.

Stories will be written and legends will be hewn in his name,

as he of the cosmic dawn will herald a new epoch upon earth

to steer the world far beyond what human mind can conceive.