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Mass Extinction of Life Upon Earth

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Seems human greed, not Nature, not God, will eventually destroy the planet.

We cannot accurately estimate how climate changes will affect the earth, how much of that change is caused by human activity and how much by the forces of Nature. However, what is certain is that the continued destruction of plant and animal life forms will significantly alter earth's ecosystem and endanger our very survival.

According to an estimate we have already lost over 50% of wildlife in the last 40 years alone due to our need for food and recreation or due to the encroachment of their habitats by humans, deforestation, mining, pollution of the seas and rivers and other activities. In the last few decades, the marine population has also considerably depleted due to largescale fishing, resulting in the mass migration of local communities that traditionally lived in the coastal areas for centuries. Indiscriminate, deep sea fishing by large trawlers has not only done irreparable damage to life in the oceans but also uprooted many traditional fishing communities in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Next time when you sit at a table to enjoy sea food or fish soup, think of this. An article published on the website of WWF states that two-thirds of the world's fish stocks are either fished at their limit or over fished.” The UN food and agriculture organization (FAO) reported that 70 percent of the fish population is fully used, overused or in crisis.

According to a report by OCEANA, a nonprofit, international advocacy organization dedicated to protecting and restoring the world’s oceans, "Destructive fishing practices are destroying large portions of our oceans and the life within them." The same report further states that, "Around the world each year an estimated 44 billion pounds of fish are wasted – 25 percent of the entire world catch. Tens of thousands of marine mammals, birds, corals, and other forms of ocean life are also caught and discarded. This massive destruction of sea life puts our oceans at risk, and with them our food supplies, our coastal economies, and even ourselves."

It is simple commonsense to predict how such a massive of destruction of life forms will have an impact on humans as well as on all life upon earth. Many in the scientific community believe that we are on the verge of sixth mass extinction of plants and animals, which happens once in a billion or a few hundred million years. This time, it is not caused by natural events, but by human beings. Of the remaining 50% species that have survived human destruction, at least half will perish or become extinct in the next few decades, leaving us and the earth with unpredictable consequences.

It is rather strange that on one side we are planning to establish human colonies upon other planets in the solar system and exploring the possibility of mass migration to Mars, but at the same time doing everything here to turn our own unique planet into another Mars or Venus. Are we truly intelligent or just playing the part Nature intends us as the dominant species of the earth ecosystem to self-destruct ourselves like the insect that flies into fire?

We may be skeptical about Climate change, but the destruction of life upon earth is real and provable. It is going to become worse, as drone technology improves and as fast-paced and highly efficient drones begin to invade the air space and destroy many bird species. With humans on earth and the greed of the large corporations which are exploiting our appetite for food, no life form on the land, in the sea and in the air is safe.