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Simple Miralces of Yoga

You may ask, why should I practice yoga? What can it do for me? You are right. Unless, you relate to it in a purposeful way, you cannot practice it. Yoga must mean something to you. Otherwise, why should you be interested? I may give you a long lecture on the significance of Patanjali's Ashtanga yoga, but before I complete it you may enter the natural state of maha samadhi, I mean deep sleep! Therefore, let me focus on what yoga can do to you right now, even if you have never practiced any yoga before.

How to Solve Problems With Spiritual Help?

When complex problems defy any solutions, what should you do? What is the best option? When your rational mind fails to deliver a solution, what is the best option?

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Hinduism and Judaism

Hinduism and Judaism are world's two oldest religions. The two religions never interacted until modern times, and developed independently in their respective milieus. It is said the King Solomon used to get some merchandise from Indian traders including the wood used in building their temple. 


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Being Alone and Feeling Lonely

Being alone and feeling lonely are not the same. Being alone refers to a physical situation when no one is around you and your are on your own. Feeling lonely refers to a state of mind when you feel as if you are missing something or someone, or as if you are left out, disliked or rejected by others.

Wisdom of the Bhagavadgita

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